Cooks Standard Frying Omelet Pan, Classic Hard Anodized Nonstick 12-Inch/30cm Saute Skillet Egg Pan, Black

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  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION -The Cooks Standard nonstick frying pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum that conducts heat quickly and evenly, making food cooking better.
  • HARD ANODIZED PAN - Hard anodized frying pan has better wear resistance than stainless steel pan. Its surface is specially treated to form a hard non-stick coating, which can effectively prevent food from adhering to the bottom of the pot, reduce the use of oil during cooking, and make food healthier. It is an ideal choice for your kitchen.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The stainless steel handle adopts riveting technology, which has high strength and stability, and is not easily damaged or deformed. Capable of withstanding prolonged use and high-temperature cooking, while also having anti-slip and anti-scald functions, providing a good grip and user experience.
  • PERFORATED DESIGN - The perforated design of the pot handle is very convenient for hanging and storage, saving you kitchen space while also making the kitchen more tidy and orderly. The oven is safe to 500℉ and the dishwasher is safe, hand washing is recommended.
  • INDUCTION INCOMPATIBLE - Frying Omelet Pan is suitable for gas, electrical, ceramic, glass, etc. Induction is not compatible, since the aluminum pot bottom is not ferromagnetic, it cannot be used for induction heating.