Cook N Home Pots and Pans Set Non Stick, 10-Piece Hard Anodized Nonstick Healthy Ceramic Cookware Set, Induction Cookware Cooking Set with Stay-Cool Handles, Nylon Kitchen Utensils, Blue


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The Cook N Home Hard Anodized Nonstick Healthy Ceramic Cookware Set brings you a new kitchen experience! This 10-Piece set includes:

①1.5-Quart Saucepan x1, ②6.3-inch Glass Lid x1

③3-Quart Saucepan x1, ④7.9-inch Glass Lid x1

⑤6-Quart Stockpot x1, ⑥9.4-inch Glass Lid x1

⑦9.5-inch frying pan x1

⑧Nylon Cooking Utensils x3

◆The exterior of the Cook N Home pots and pans is very dark blue, making the set look more modern and premium, and adding a touch of mystery and elegance to the kitchen space.

◆The interior is a refreshing light gray, which not only provides a clear visual effect for the cooking process, but also forms a sharp contrast with the dark blue, making the entire set more layered and beautiful.

◆Each pot is equipped with a sturdy hard anodized ceramic coating, ensuring excellent nonstick performance and making your cooking easier and more enjoyable.

◆The bottom of the pot is made of heavy gauge aluminum, which has excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring that the ingredients are evenly heated during the cooking process, making your dishes more delicious and even. This induction set is exquisitely designed and suitable for various cooking methods, such as stir-frying, frying, stewing, etc., to meet your different cooking needs.

◆In terms of cleaning, it is even more convenient, with a smooth surface that is not easily adhered to food residues. It can be rinsed with water, saving time and effort!

◆Whether you are a healthy housewife, a culinary expert who loves food, or a busy white-collar worker, Cook N Home Nonstick pots and pans set can meet your various cooking needs!

About this item

  • FASHIONABLE KITCHEN DESIGN - The dark blue exterior adds a unique personality to your kitchen. Cook N Home Cookware Set includes 1.5-QT&3-QT Saucepans with lids, 6-QT Stockpot with lid, 9.5-inch frying pan, and 3-Piece Nylon Cooking Utensils!
  • EXCELLENT NONSTICK PERFORMANCE - The Coating of Hard Anodized Ceramic can withstand high-temperature cooking, ensuring that food slides off easily and away from annoying sticky pot troubles!
  • INDUCTION COMPATIBLE - Works on gas, electric, glass, ceramic, halogen, Induction, and more. Oven safe to 500F (lid to 350F). Dishwasher safe, hand wash is recommended.
  • EFFICIENT COOKING - The nonstick pot set is made of efficient heavy gauge aluminum, which conducts heat quickly and evenly, making food evenly heated and better cooking results.
  • GLASS LID & COMFORTABLE HANDLES - Tempered glass lids with steam vent to view food while cooking. The Stainless Steel handle is heat resistant to prevent your hands from being burned, and not easily deformed.