Cook N Home 02662 Pizza Grilling Baking Stone with Scraper, Heavy Duty Cordierite 16-Inch Round Bread Stone for Oven and Grill, Thermal Shock Resistant Ideal for Baking Golden Crisp Crust Pizza

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Style:16-inch round

The Cook N Home true Cordierite pizza grilling baking stone 16" Round x 5/8" Thick is made of true Cordierite which has passed us FDA and German food Code LFGB and RoHS compliances. It is heat safe up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit with no odor and excellent thermal shock resistance. Best for baking fresh or frozen pizzas in your home grill or oven, giving you the same crispy crust as pizzas baked in brick lined commercial ovens. Cordierite stones retain heat and transfer heat evenly while extracting and absorbing moisture from the baking food thus creating the best crispy crust. Hand wash in clean water after baking stone cools. Use Wood or plastic Scraper to remove excess food. Not dishwasher safe. Never use soap and detergent. Include one multi-function plastic Scraper.

  • UNIQUE COOKING METHOD - Cook N Home Pizza Stone is made of real Cordierite, which has passed the US FDA and German Food Code LFGB and RoHS compliances. Using the traditional stone roasting method, the pizza is baked on a preheated stone slab. This cooking method can evenly heat the bottom of the pizza, and bake out the crispy skin and soft interior, making the pizza more delicious.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE - Pizza grilling stone can withstand heat up to 2000℉, has no odor, and is not easily cracked or deformed. This makes it very suitable for barbecue pizza, which can withstand Thermal shock during the high-temperature baking process. and the aroma and taste of the ingredients are retained to the greatest extent.
  • HEALTHY CHOICE - Stone grilling can even color the bottom of the pizza, giving it a golden appearance and increasing appetite. And there is no need to add extra oil, so compared to traditional oven-baked pizza, it is healthier. Stone baking can also drain excess oil, making the pizza more refreshing.
  • GOOD INSULATION EFFECT - Baking Stone has good insulation performance, which can keep the heat on the pizza for a long time, keeping it warm. This can keep the pizza hot and refreshing during consumption.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Grill Pizza stones have a smooth surface and are not easily adhered to food residue, making cleaning very convenient. After cooling, hand wash with clean water or use a wooden or plastic scraper to remove excess food. The dishwasher is not available for cleaning. Don't use soap and cleaning agents. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.