Cook N Home Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Crank, 6-Quart Aluminum Popcorn Pot, Red

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  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION -The Cook N Home Stovetop Popcorn Popper is made of heavy-duty aluminum that conducts heat quickly and evenly, resulting in evenly heated food and better cooking results.
  • WOODEN HANDLE - The popcorn pot handle is made of high-quality wood, which has good heat resistance, is not easily deformed or hot to the hand, has a comfortable feel, and stable grip, and is not easy to slide or fall off.
  • DURABLE ALL METAL GEARS - All metal gears have good transmission efficiency, which can effectively transfer power to the pot. More quickly heat and stir each Corn kernel until it bursts to prevent adhesion/combustion.
  • FOUR STEAM PORTS - It can make popcorn quickly, help the water in the pot evaporate quickly, ensure the kernels are heated evenly, avoid popcorn burning and incomplete popping, and reduce the accumulation of oil in the pot, making it easier to clean.
  • INDUCTION INCOMPATIBLE - Popcorn pot suits gas, electrical, ceramic, glass, etc. Induction is incompatible since the aluminum pot bottom is not ferromagnetic, it cannot be used for induction heating. Not dishwasher safe, wipe with a cloth to clean.
  • HELPFUL TIPS - If the metal gear gets stuck or does not rotate smoothly. You can add cooking oil for lubrication, and turn the handle clockwise then counterclockwise.